Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wild Kingdom

That's right folks, it's a regular Mutual of Omaha program here. My little kitten's in heat!! And she's only 4 months old. They grow up so fast these days...

Caterwauling. Cat-a-wailing. Got the etymology lesson, now when will it stop? According to my google search, guaranteed within 4 days....to a few weeks.

Just called Guillaume at the hotel (he's missing all the fun--on road trip to pick up the kids) to let him know that his cat is insane...

We had no idea that kittens went into heat so young. Camembert is going to have her first doctor visit very soon.
p.s. Mimi -Thanks for requesting a foto of Camembert. Here she is, her insane self!

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! You can tell she's a character just from that little photo. Four months and already in heat? She's a precocious whippersnapper! Is she going in to get her "female" operation?