Thursday, April 15, 2010


The week between Christmas and New Years, our little pad became hangout central. Here with my sister-in-law Anne-Helene, and brothers-in-law Eric and Gregoire. The kids are hanging out in the background!

Volcanic winter sunrise

It's a cold, rainy, truly awful day. I'm waiting for Guillaume and the kids to arrive. I left the house briefly against my will to buy bread in honor of their arrival. No bread would be no big deal in my life. But to my French beloved ones, no bread is a CRISIS and could transform me instantly into Marie Antoinette in a revolution re-enactment. Not good. In Europe, history is only a breath, or sometimes a baguette, away.

So I'm home, making a cup of coffee, and have decided to snuggle up to the computer and post a couple of random photos that didn't get shared earlier. Voila. Enjoy

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