Monday, July 19, 2010

She lives, she breathes

Well, it's been a little over three months since my last post.
To summarize, since my last post on US tax day, we went to Barcelona and saw dear friends Jane, David, Macky and Royer (fabulous); came home to a high wind storm that dumped 8 inches of snow and realized with a sinking feeling that May here was not yet spring...; had a wonderful visit with Anne Helene and Eric (G's sister and brother in law), which we had thought would be about backpacking and picnicking, such innocents we were back then!, and ended up being mostly cardplaying, hot springs and restaurants as inclement weather locked us in; went to the US and packed in Emma's (niece) college graduation, Kimberly's (niece) high school graduation and final dance recital, and then packed Dad and I up and brought us back here. Had a not completely smooth visit (poor Dad had one ambulance ride and one hospital visit while here) but even so wonderful, then visits from my cousin Betsy's son Alex, followed by my cousin Nancy''s daughter Brooke, and then the children arrived with their Mom Murielle and boyfriend Bruno. Kids are still here and having a fabulous time with their cousins. Meanwhile my little kitty managed to go astray and come back pregnant so she is currently a lady=in=waiting and we have a major neighborhood bet going on for when and how many little ones.
Seven months of winter is long. But now the days are unbelievably gorgeous. I have returned to a paradise.
Stay tuned for more posts, more frequently. And kittens?

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