Friday, January 8, 2010

Meilleur Voeux! Best Wishes!

Well, Happy New Year, folks! Wishing love, contentment, creativity, joy and peace to all.
The last time I wrote was December 19th. And indeed directly after that post, I descended into a two week marathon, working 90-100 hours a week, in addition to the children and other relatives staying with us in our one bedroom apartment. Challenging, joyful, nerve-breaking, limit-blasting, spiritually invigorating, hilarious, ridiculous, exhausting...
We are coming to, have refound ourselves, refound the apartment floor, discovered and hazmat-ed mysteries of the unexplained in the refrigerator...All's good.
The past two days it has snowed continuously. The temperature at 5pm this evening was -9 C. That converts to COLD in fahrenheit, tres cold. Luckily, there was a brisk wind to keep things interesting. But I had it easy as today is one of my teaching days for Speechmark so I got to stay home inside all day. And admittedly I threw caution, climate change and our electricity budget to the wind and cranked up the radiators, in addition to the obligatory, many-layered look. (No, I'm not pregnant. I'm just wearing five polar layers...)
I teach in the living room where we have set up a makeshift office--a long plank of pressed board, splashed with paint (it used to be in Guillaume's studio) supported by metal sawhorses. As I teach, I look out through a huge picture window (can you say heat loss) on to the main road going through town, which today was the hilarious sight of people crosscountry skiing on the sidewalk, children sledding on the street and cars occasionally taking predominance.
I keep promising photos. I'm having technical difficulties (what else is new?) And Guillaume and I and sufficient energy for such a project seem never to be simultaneously available. But it will happen (i won't promise when...) A bien tot!

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  1. Ahhhhhh, I simply smile thinking of you there, in many layers, surrounded by snow. : ) Keep the news rolling when you have time.